A Candy-less Halloween

I didn’t set out to have a healthy Halloween. I didn’t plan to go without the sweet stuff. I even bought candy I like – a lot. I had every intention of indulging. But I didn’t. I even saved a stash of my favorites from the grabby hands of the ‘weenies. But they will remain untouched. At least until Saturday.
I was honestly too scared! I’m mere moments away from completing my Whole30. The thought of coming this close to finishing this whole experiment, only to fail at the finish line, was simply unappetizing.

Don’t get me wrong. I was not 100% on point yesterday. In a fit of starving frustration, I did have one bite of my kiddo’s English muffin pizza and satisfied my sweet tooth with a KIND bar and some unsweetened/unsulfered dried Mango from Trader Joe’s.

I’ll pause while you clutch the pearls.


I know, it’s not a total diet-buster. Not worse than my drink-a-thon/walk-a-thon a few weeks back. Whole30 purists would likely say I’m not even allowed to claim that I’ve done a successful round due to my slips here and there. That KIND bar had some legit sugar and puffed rice in it. But I’m in this for the long haul. Those 5 grams of sugar surely outweigh the 10.9 in one fun-sized Milky Way (and I would’ve eaten 3. Plus some Twix).

I’m pretty proud of making it through without dipping into the candy bucket. But honestly, part of it was pure frustration. This was the first Halloween our neighborhood had in two years. Last year we had the freak snowstorm/post-Sandy mess. The year before it was another freak snowstorm that sent a tree into our skylight – and us into a hotel room. I was 6 months pregnant and gave the notion of staying in a cold house with a broken ceiling a big HELL NO. We dumped all our candy on the bed and had a feast that probably led to gestational diabetes. #WorthIt

Since I was so excited to have Halloween back – I went all out. Pumpkins carved, door decorated, driveway lit by 20 damn candles in 20 damn paper bags. Those bags looked amazing, but it was a challenge getting them out there. Between my toddler moving each one as soon as I set it down, and the dog waiting patiently until I was done to start tearing the bags apart, I was sweating with effort and rage. I’m counting it as cardio.


All that work – and a whole 10 ‘weenies came to our door. Our neighbor came to the door and told us the next street over was “high yield” so we weren’t getting much traffic. After all that effort, my body hurt and I was exhausted. I didn’t feel terribly festive, so the candy was just not that tempting. My little girl still doesn’t totally “get” Halloween yet, so there was no big bag dump at the end of the night. In fact, if someone hands her a piece of candy, she hands it back. Good sharer or smart girl? Maybe both.

Today is the last day of my Whole30. I’ve almost made it!!!! I planned a cheat day for Saturday. I’m thinking sushi and a little tryst with my candy stash. Nothing crazy. Like I said: Long haul!!

Whole30 recap next week!

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Bitch on a Diet said...

I can't believe you've almost made it through Whole30! I only made it to 17 days when I tried it back in June. way to go!

Green Solution Collective said...

Now those chocolates really looks good. Why did you not serve candies this Halloween?

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