Diet Drama Experiement: Whole30 Recap

I made it through my Whole30!! Woo! Go me!

That means it is time for the big Whole30 recap and review.

Catch up with my other 2 recaps:
Week 2.5
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I really do have reason to celebrate.
My Whole 30 Results
Started  10/2 ended 11/1
11.5 lbs lost
3 inches off my belly
3 inches off my hips
1.3% less body fat (per my fancy scale)

I can absolutely feel the difference. In my body and my body's reactions to certain food. If it weren't for Halloween, I would say the end of my Whole30 would've been WholeAnticlimactic. I don't think I'll change the way I'm eating. The program is designed to make eating this way a habit, and it worked for me. I don't foresee going back to sandwiches and lots of cheese anytime soon. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Program is on the Whole30 site. The book is amazing too.
I had heard rumblings of the Whole30 plan all summer. I saw other bloggers were doing it, and I honestly thought it sounded cra-zee. I mean, it sounded Ok, but no cheese? No deal. It's one of my life's pillars. I love it so much, I dream of giving it all up to become a cheese monger someday (until, ya know, economic reality hits - that's a lot of perishable product to move). 

Slowly, the idea started to make more sense. I did an Advocare 24 day challenge, and that worked out pretty well. I lost some LBs and cleaned up my eating a little. I tried to stay on track, but just couldn't. I was starting to feel low. I was getting stronger and making progress by becoming fitter. But that bitchy scale goddess just was not showing me any love. Neither was the patron saint of skinny jeans. Even though I could do things longer and harder (heh heh) I wasn't seeing results. 

I wish I remember which blogger pushed me over the edge and really inspired me to go for it. I've checked my browser history and I can't seem to find it. It was probably not one in particular. Anyway. Thank you...whoever you are. This program has truly changed my appraoch to food. 

The basic premise is: eat whole or real food, preferably organic, preferably non-chemically or -hormonally treated. No bread or quick carbs like rice or grain or corn. No soy or beans. No dairy (cheese or milk). No booze. No white potatoes. No weird thickeners or addatives (like msg or carrageenan or sulfites). No fake sugar or sugar subs. 

It may seem like a lot of restrictions, but I swear there is a lot of YES in there. Yes to fish, chicken, and some red meat. Yes to veggies (including carrots!). Yes to sweet potatoes. Yes to fruit. Yes to almond butter (in moderation). Yes to eggs. Yes to limited nuts and dry fruit. 

If you've ever done Atkins or South Beach, some of those yes'es are HUGE. Fruit?! Are you serious?! Being able to have apples during apple season made my life. I had one with some nut butter (cashew or almond) almost everyday. Having some fruit everyday made life without artificial sweeteners totally doable.

Sound like an intro to paleo? It pretty much is. But they say specifically in the rules NOT to paleo-ify any cheaty food like pizza or granola. I think that helped a ton. I also try not to think of it as "paleo" or whatever. It is EATING REAL FOOD. Ya know, like you're supposed to.

I didn't take "before" shots. Every time I do that, I end up failing. Plus, I'm not a big fan of flopping my belly on your interwebs. This is the best I could find for my Whole30 results picture:
Whole30 Before and After (if you be real quiet, you can actually hear my jeans straining in the Before shot)

The "Before" is about a month before starting the Whole30. Trust me, it got worse from there. I'm seriously sucking it in here too. And there is most likely a Yummie Tummie under there. The AFTER is the day after - Day 31, if you will. I only really took the pic because I wanted to celebrate the triumphant return of my waist. I'm still pretty dang proud of my progress.

For the first two weeks, I didn't do many workouts. Ok...ANY workouts. I'll be honest, the first week was a little tough with the carb coma and all. Plus I had pretty much inadvertently given up caffeine. I was throwing back 2-4 Dunkin Donuts iced coffees with cream and sugar per week pre-Whole 30. That's 190 calories, 30g carbs every time. That's in addition to all the takeout and crap I was eating. So getting all that smack out of my system was challenge enough. 

After about 4 or 5 days, the carb coma broke, I replaced my coffee with tea, and I had more energy. Plus I was feeling great. My stomach started shrinking right away. The scale showed good numbers after a short time. So after 2 weeks, I started adding exercise in. In fact, I went back to Jillian Micheals Body Revolution. Now I'm on week 3/4, and doing really well. I'm able to lift more and go harder than I ever have before. I'm being a little more gentle on the knees, so I have to modify.

Here's a breakdown of big changes that the Whole30 has made in my diet:
1. Drinking Tea
So no dairy and no sugar equals black coffee. Which I can do...sometimes. But I'm not going to make a whole pot just to drink it black. Bleh. I had been relying on Advocare's Spark for caffeine most of the summer, so I was already out of the habit of daily coffee. But I needed a pick me up. BAD. So I turned to tea. I messed up and bought some amazing tasting Robius tea. It took 3 days to see through the haze and realize it was decaf. UGH. I fixed that, got some Ceylon Mango tea and a couple of Tazos and I'm good. I think I'll go back to spark now, but the tea thing has grown on me. 

2. Not Eating My Kid's Scraps
I was alarmed at how often I stole a bite from my kid's plate. Sometimes it was to show her that the food on her plate is not poison, and therefore doesn't need to be violently thrown to the floor. But most of the time it was just because I was bored, or hungry, or there was extra cheese. During the Whole30 I found myself spitting out goldfish and bits of food daily. While it doesn't help my kid believe food = yummy, it will help her mama be healthier.
3. Food Awareness
This program changed the way I look at food. I chose more whole foods or homemade options for me and my family. I am more apt to actively look for and choose the organic options. Even if it means less leftovers or fewer meals.  My kid and husband still get bread and pasta, but I don't. And I've gotten used to it, and no longer feel deprived. Someday when I hit goals, I'll work to add those back in on a limited basis. It's just not what my body needs right now.

4. Shopping Style
I find myself in a grocery store practically every other day lately. It's partially b/c I'm not totally organized (lists are my friends, lists are my friends) and partially b/c me and baby drama are plowing through food. I've started to use it the frequency to advantage. Now I buy less fresh stuff when I go, and eat it almost immediately. Before, I'd buy fruit and veggies and they'd rot in the fridge. I finally realized I'm going to be at the store no matter what, lets use it! Buy stuff for 3 days max, we'll be back. Probably tomorrow because I forgot milk. Again.

5. Batch Cooking
On Sunday or Monday, I make a big batch of "main course" to eat throughout the week. Something I can grab for lunch or bulk up into a dinner when we're too tired to cook. It's helped me avoid giant sandwiches, sugar smoothies, and drive up fare for daily food. Plus we've ordered significantly less take out since we had food on hand that's only a microwave ride away from a meal. I've been trying out recipes from Nom Nom Paleo and I'm slightly obsessed with that site/app now. Her recipes are truly paleo, but I haven't ventured into any replacement-y type stuff (like cauliflower "rice" and whatnot). I've just been enjoying the braises and marinades. Her Oven-Braised Mexican Beef recipe is bonkers good.

6. Eating Lunch!
My eating has taken a much more regular schedule. On Whole30, they tell you to eat every few hours. Before this, I would eat some kiddie leftovers from breakfast, then forget to eat until about 2:30 or 3. At that point, I'd find the biggest, most delish thing I could find, and shovel it into my mouth.
Now I have a reasonable breakfast, snacks, and a proper lunch. Like a normal person. I try not to wait until I get starved to eat. I tried to keep the furnace stoked. It's easier to think of food as fuel when you're not eating garbage (unless you're a Mr. Fusion).

So Diet Drama Experiment: Whole 30 is a success!!

Have you done a Whole30? How'd it go for you? Would you consider trying it?

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Bitch on a Diet said...

I tried to do the Whole30 in June and only made it 17 days...I eat pretty well most of the time so I didn't notice much of a difference. But the results that everyone posts almost makes me want to try it again...ALMOST ; )

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