Stay Fit During the Holidays with Wello.com (Plus a Giveaway!!)

Yup. I ended up taking some "time off" in December. Christmas cookies and party goodies have put my efforts on hold a little. But I've been making workouts a priority still, so I've been able to maintain my losses since Thanksgiving. Even if you've stayed on track this far, the "big show" is here - the Christmas/New Year week can be really hard to keep focused (especially since many of us look at January 1st as a clean slate).

The folks at Wello.com have offered up some amazing expert advice to help keep us on track during this busy time. What's Wello? It's an online fitness service, where you can get LIVE personal training and fitness classes over your webcam. All the benefits of gym classes without all the hassle of going to the gym.

Check out the guest post from one of their personal trainers. Once you've read the post, enter the first ever Diet-Drama.com giveaway!

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Tips and Tricks to Staying Fit During the Holidays

As the Holidays are quickly approaching, life can get hectic and stressful. It can be hard to take care of your body as you put in extra work hours, plan for vacations and family get-togethers, and find the time to decorate while juggling other daily tasks. Certified Personal Trainer at Wello, Judy Kuan has put together 4 tips and tricks to stay fit throughout the holidays:

       Prioritize your health: Schedule in at least 5 hours a week of "me-time" and use as least 3 of those hours for working out, and perhaps the other 2 hours for exploring new recipes, pampering yourself, you name it! You're the only one who can stop the cycle of "deprioritizing" your health when life gets busy during the holidays. Bonus: You'll likely feel less stressed, more happy, and more engaged - and as a result, be able to really enjoy quality time with family and friends. Wello can help you do this - schedule your fave Wello workouts several weeks in advance, and stick to them!

       Act like a kid: What do kids do around the holidays? They're running around with excitement, barely able to sit still.  Take a page from their book and take walks to check out your neighbors' holiday decorations; head outdoors for some sledding or snowshoeing; or sign up for a holiday 5K.

       Workout with Friends: It's easier to stay on track when you've got your friends and family at your back. For example, the next time you're watching a football game, get everyone to do jumping jacks for each point that your favored team scores, and push-ups for each point the other team scores. Lunge your way through time-outs, and fill up on healthy snacks during half-time.

       Always have a back-up plan: The holidays are usually full of surprises, be they presents or last-minute delays. Missed your workout due to a late night at work? Make sure your fitness routine stays on track by having a contingency plan for missed workouts. 

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