Whole 30, Take 2: Couch to 5k

My Whole 30 mission is cranking along. I'm feeling great, and had a fully on-track weekend! I surprised myself by not even craving alcohol. And we didn't eat at a restaurant all weekend! That right there is BIG victory for my family. We live in a great area for food...which is hazardous for the long-term dieter. Instead we grilled. Hooray for amazing weather!

We spent a ton of time outside this weekend. Gardening mostly. I got a lot of flowers in containers for the porches, and we started building boxes for our vegetable garden. There are a ton of critters and deer around here, but I'm really hopeful they will avoid mowing through our little experimental garden beds.

I have been slowly but surely cranking my way through the Couch to 5k program using Zen Lab's free app. I've been averaging 2-3 runs a week (usually 2). Surprisingly, this program has been fairly easy. It made me realize that running truly is a mind game. My body is capable of what the app has put me through (so far) but I never thought I could run. I typically hate it. But I started to run a little last year, and ran/walk my first 5k (I had a walker's bib, but ran as much as I could). My goal is to run at least 80% of my scheduled 5k in June in NYC. I'm starting to think it will actually happen.

On Monday, I truly surprised myself during my couch to 5k workout. I had planned the run, but ended up going later than anticipated. The idea was to get out of bed, get the kiddo situated at day care, then run before starting work. Of course, work got the priority so my run got delayed. I got stuck on something, so I laced up around noon. Moving my body always makes my brain work better.

For the first time ever, I actually got lost in thought on a run! This would usually happen in other cardio situations (walking, elliptical), but never during a run. Typically I just try to calm down my inner monologue of panic:
"OMG we're running! What's on fire? Nothing?! Can we stop now? NO?! WTF! I'm pretty sure our heart is going to explode. Do you hear that heavy breathing? Is that asthma?! That's pain in our left arm, I'm sure of it. I can't do this! Can we stop NOW?"

To do this, I crank my music LOUD. Like passing cars nodding their head to my beats loud. I got into my music and was completely side tracked by work thoughts and dancy dance rhythms of Pharrell and Justin Timberlake.

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At some point I realized I was on the third song in my run. A run that was only supposed to last 5 minutes. I twisted my crappy iphone arm band/torture device around to see I was more than 1/2 way through another run period. My jams completely drowned out the nice lady who tells me when to walk!  That means I ran the initial 5 minutes, plus the two and a half minute walk, then a minute and a half of the next 3 minute run. Once I realized this, I started walking out of frustration...that only lasted about 10 seconds. Then I thought I'm almost there and picked up the pace.

This was my personal record of simultaneous minutes run. I feel pretty damn good about. Even more important, I feel like this 5k is within reach. I may actually be able to run the whole thing. I'm hoping as I continue with the Whole 30, I will get lighter, and runs will get easier on my poor joints.

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jen goodman said...

Nothing like getting into the groove on a run with the music blaring. Running to me is so much harder than all other cardio....which is why you know it sheds the lb's faster than anything else when combined with a good diet.....a buddy of mine recently helped me with my running form and it has helped me tremendously!

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